Achieving Sustainable Operational Efficiencies latest answer 2022

Creating Human Efficiencies Downsizing and retrenchment; short-term and toxic Development of HR information systems Identifying core competencies Focused training and organizational development initiatives to enhance managerial and supervisory skills or to create core competencies Introduction of displacement technologies Outsourcing those areas identified as not cost efficient Order similar from  Improved productivity, smarter use of workforce Employees thrive, i.e., organizations can increase the potential for employees to thrive when they:  enable decision-making discretion  provide information about the organization and its strategy minimize incivility  provide performance feedback create a climate that promotes diversity By focusing on just four of these factors, thriving across six organizations studied increased 42% (Spreitzer et al) Order similar from  The value-adding route to efficiency offers greater returns to the organization, the society and the natural world  Develops knowledge-based competition  Involves a shift away from an unskilled or semi-skilled workforce to a workforce with high skill levels and an extensive knowledge base  A future vision of adding value and innovation Value adding means not cutting costs in a way that would jeopardize the progressive development of a highly skilled, well-paid workforce and the customizing of products and services. Order similar from