ACC 620 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric – Hire Academic Expert

Prompt: In the second milestone, you addressed income taxes and pensions for your portfolio. In the third and final milestone, you will add leases and the statement of changes to your portfolio.

IV. Leases

A. What are the differences between operating and capital leases?
B. Describe the particular leases of your company based on the liability section of your company’s balance sheet.
C. What impact have the leases had on the company’s financial statements for the most recent year?
D. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a building versus purchasing one.

VI. Statement of Cash Flows

A. From the perspective of an investor, determine whether or not you would invest in your chosen company based on the company’s statement of cash flows (SoCF). Support your opinion.
B. Review the company’s SoCF for any concerns that may need to be addressed. As controller of your company, prepare a memo to your CEO, giving a summary report for possible recommendations.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 2–3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, oneinch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

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