Academic Library Lesson Plan

Create a Lesson Plan for one-hour library instruction in an academic library

Use Crane’s Handout 3.2 “Lesson Plan Template” on page 59.

Choose between the following five combinations of Goals and Objectives for your instruction session: 

Version A.

Goal: To recognize how recorded knowledge is organized in the library/ 
Objective: Explain the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System

Version B.

Goal: To recognize electronic periodical databases and demonstrate how to search them for relevant documents/
Objective: To teach the Organization of an Electronic Periodical Database

Version C.

Goal: To know and develop a thesis statement/
Objective:To teach how to develop an Argumentative Thesis

Version D.

Goal:  To retrieve a set of highly relevant resources/
Objective: Te teach how to use keywords and Boolean search strategy

Version E.

Goal: To know Internet finding tools and demonstrate how to search them/
Objective: To present Library electronic databases and teach how to prepare and execute a Web search query

Give your lesson a title
Identify your audience in the purpose of lesson
Time all your activities and evaluation steps. The overall length for all steps – 60 minutes.