A Walk with Alice Walker

 Id like you to, using Allen Ginsbergs poem A Supermarket in California as a guide, decide which class writer (Alice Walker) youd most like to spend a few hours walking and talking with. You could go in two directions with this assignment: 
a. You could completely use an essay format, specifying:

your choice of writer
your choice of location
the questions and comments youd contribute to your conversation
any answers you can provide to those questions, whether these are based on your own research, your own speculations, the class reading(s) by this writer, or a combination of the three
the reasons the class reading(s) mentioned in the above bullet point especially inspired you 

b. You could create a story, play/scene, or (long) poem, in which case you also want to address the five elements above, whether as part of the creative piece or in a separate section before or after it.