A Contemporary Issue in Criminal Justice Best Paper Scholarship

16Jan 2022 by

Each paper must contain the following:
 • Introduction & Identification of a problem in criminal justice/juvenile justice – A Contemporary Issue in Criminal Justice. 
• A review of the academic literature on this problem and the responses to it. 
• Based on the review of literature, concrete recommendations to resolve the problem identified in (1) above
• Academic References (properly cited in any recognized format, such as APA, MLA, etc…) 
• A cover sheet with student name, title of paper, university, and chapter name should be included with the paper. 
• NO additional identification of the student should be anywhere within the “paper,” only on the cover sheet. 
• Title page (separate from cover sheet) with the title of the paper only. 
• Undergraduate paper length: Maximum of 15 pages.
• Undergraduate Abstract: A one-page abstract must be included and not exceed 100 words.  
• Papers must be double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins.

No Plagiarism