a 750- to 1000-word strategic analysis.

In the first CompetencyAssessment, you completed a SWOT analysis on a successful company thatdemonstrated a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Now youwill shift your focus to look at a company that is failing or experiencingchallenges in the area of financial performance.Select and research a companythat is having financial difficulties or is on the brink of bankruptcy. You mayalso choose to use your current employer or a company you’ve worked for in thepast as long as you have sufficient data to complete the assignment.Review “Where Can I Find a Company’s Annual Report and Its SECFilings?” from Investopedia.You can also accessspecific information about a variety of businesses in the University Library by searching thefollowing databases:University Library >Databases > B > Business Source CompleteUniversity Library > How DoI > Company Information > Find Annual Reports > EDGAR (SECFilings)University Library >Databases > P > Plunkett Research OnlineConduct a strategic analysis of the company’scurrent financial operations. Determine strategies for achieving a sustainablecompetitive advantage in the marketplace and increasing financialperformance.Write a 750- to 1000-word strategic analysis.When writing your analysis, complete the following:Evaluate the company’s currentfinancial plan, including charts and/or graphs showing financial data fromthe struggling company and make recommendations for improvement.Determine strategies forachieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace andincreasing financial performance.Create a plan to implement thestrategies you selected.Include at least 4 sources.Include in-text citations and a reference pagewith at least 4 sources.*Sources must becurrent. No more than 2 years