You will each be assigned one of the following topics:
Project Space
Define the ramifications of a particular space.  This requires you to actually visit a particular space.  What does the space represent for race, culture, society as a whole?  What, if any, is the historical impact of this space?  For example, a park as a different cultural impact than, say a place like Hollywood or Olvera Street.  
Project Text
Pick a novel or book of poems– this can be something you’ve read before– and teach the book as if you were teaching the text to the class.  What are the larger issues within the text? Who are the major characters? What are the major themes within the text?  Please think of a classroom activity based on the text.
Project Culture
How has one event in the 20th or 21st century impacted life and culture? Discuss the historical significance of this event, and put it into a larger context (not just the event itself but what it happened to represent for the years that followed.
Project Web
The 21st century, the present COVID-19 world included, has become increasingly dependent on technology.  Please discuss how one aspect of the web (social, political, educational, economic) has changed in an online world.  
No matter which presentation topic you are assigned your presentation should include a discussion of:
1) Ethos, Pathos, Logos
2) A thesis statement
3) Research
4) Visual Rhetoric- i.e. Your presentation will be graded on how visually appealing the presentation is.
5) New media (a video, news clip, TedTalk, etc.)
6) Your presentation should be a total of 10-15 slides.  If you were reading the presentation out loud it should be timed for 10-15.  That’s 10-15 slides of actual typing not including the bibliography.