How strong are your passwords? Various online tools can provide information on password strength, but not all feedback is the same. First, assign the numbers 1 through 3 to three of the passwords you are currently using, and write down the number (not the password) on a piece of paper. Then, enter those passwords into these three online password testing services:

How Secure Is My Password
Password Checker Online
The Password Meter

Record next to each number the strength of that password as indicated by these three online tools. Then use each online password tester to modify the password by adding more random numbers or letters to increase its strength. How secure are your passwords? Would any of these tools encourage someone to create a stronger password? Which provided the best information?Then visit the website Passwords Requirements Shaming, which is a list of password requirements for different websites that are considered weak. Read through several of the submissions. Select three that you consider the most egregious. Why are they the worst? Next, indicate what you would suggest to make the requirement stronger, but a requirement that most users could meet.Write at least a one-page paper that includes your findings on both the password strength and password requirements.