5 pages, minimum & MLA Format (please see OWL @ Perdue for specifics) Research R

5 pages, minimum & MLA Format (please see OWL @ Perdue for specifics)
Research Requirements: Either Essay I or Essay II, expanded to include three academic sources, two of which must come from the UWG Library’s databases. All sources must be cited correctly (hint: clicking on the article’s title from EPSCO will take you to a page that will offer to cite the article for you).
Your goal in this project is to formulate a thesis-driven argumentative essay, substantiated with research contending for your evaluative view of your selected text. Further, you must incorporate analysis of your interpretive role of any element within your selected fictional story, demonstrated by a close-reading of your specific text.
Although the topic of your paper is open, which is disconcerting at the start, you must craft this final paper borne out of hard research. That is, you will select one of the essays you have previously written and expand upon it by conducting research on any phenomenon or ideology—or even artifact or historical moment—that you wish.
Your project will be to identify, in the text you choose, a point of entry into the material world of the text that you find interesting. It might be a reference to a specific historical event (the proliferation of the gulags, for example), a historical figure, a movement (communist takeover, for instance), or a religious sect (priests or soothsayers). You could consider the role of the Trickster, indigenous people’ contribution to governing myths, the rise of crime, or the geo-political uprising depicted in a particular story.
Incorporating these elements will add to your critique in that you will embellish your thesis assertion; you can amplify whether the text is valuable or worthy or effective or problematic, etc. (please see the “Critique Language” handout or Chapter 6: The Critique Essay for objective standards) by delving into the use of your selected element(s).
Recall that the best work generally is that which genuinely seeks to consider real-life, real-time problems or concerns as they appear in the stories, problems that can be drawn out as patterns in the world at large. In fact, if you will look back over my personal feedback in your previous essays, you will see that I did just that: I commented on your ideas and drew them out toward cultural manifestations and implications—toward larger truths.
Your essay must:
be typed using Microsoft Word: Times New Roman 12-point Font
be formatted according to MLA guidelines (double-spaced, etc.)
contain a properly-formatted Works Cited page
be five complete pages but no more than six
contain an argumentative thesis, evaluating the text, followed by substantive paragraphs that originate with focused, idea-driven topic sentences
contain quotes from at least three scholarly sources, two of which must be from the UWG Library’s databases (anonymous sources, non-academic webpages, and openly edited articles, such as those from Wikipedia, are not scholarly sources.)