424 MRO Econ Order

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MRO = Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul facility
For this activity, explore the costassociate and the economic order quantity formula that determines a company’sinventory reorder point. Find an article in an MRO-related journal in the HuntLibrary or the Internet that provides details on an MROs financials and theeconomics of the order quantity condition. 
Create a narrated presentation, andinclude the following in your analysis:

What is the economic order quantity, and how it is calculated?
Describe an MROs business model for economic order quantity and cost reduction initiatives.
What are the limitations when using economic order quantity in an MRO organization?
Is the MRO gaining profit while utilizing the economic order quantity process? 

Support your conclusions with aminimum of five references. 
Your presentation should be 10slides (not including the title slide and reference slide) with bullet pointsand explanations in the note sections. Be creative, and think about how you canincorporate visual aids to add to your presentation.