322 Staffing Inspect Prgrm

19Jan 2022 by

For this presentation, research a typical maintenance organization, and list
what personnel and qualifications are needed to properly staff an effective
aircraft inspection program. Discuss the size of the organization, the manning
requirement, and what work is being performed.

Using the resources in this module (textbook, web links, publications),
create a presentation to express what you have learned. Your presentation
must have 10 slides including a Reference slide. Each slide must have graphics
and text information supporting your topic. Be sure to provide APA citations on
each slide to give credit to the source of the graphics and text
information. Your presentation must include a script in the notes
section for each slide.

Use creativity in building your presentation, and remember graphics and text
go hand in hand. Your graphics should be relevant, and your text should
overtake the slides. Once you have shared your presentation, please view your
peers’ presentations. Replies are optional but encouraged.