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The Best WritersDefine and discuss Social Stratification. Using the articles attached, make sure to identify how society is stratified by class structures in a capitalist system. Your answer must include discussions on how we define/understand both class and capital- ism. Lastly, discuss how you see the system of capitalism. Would you support the US transitioning into another type of economic system to address economic inequality? Make sure to fully explain why support your position.Compare and contrast two theoretical perspectives (Marx, Durkheim, or Weber) to understand and analyze Social Stratification. Make sure to identify the theo- rist and their perspective before comparing the two. Lastly, discuss which analysis you most agree with.Welcome to one of the bestassignmenthelpcompanies  online .·         Do you want to order for a customized assignment help task?·          Click on the order now button ·         Set up your topic, Fix the number of pages, Fix your Order instructions ·         Set up your deadline, upload the necessary files required to complete the task, Complete the payment. We delivery high quality and non plagiarized tasks within the stipulated time given SL