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The Best WritersOptional assignmentThe purpose of this option is to help you “seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:118). You will begin by identifying a Christlike attribute that you want to implement more fully in your life. Next, you will determine the gospel principles and doctrines that are most closely related to that attribute of the gospel. Engage in a deep study of those topics and decide how you can put them into practice on a daily basis for one week. At the end of that experience, write a paper regarding what you learned through the process of both study and application. Plan ahead to allow enough time to complete your research, implement your application for one week, and then write your paper.Steps to complete this option:1.       Study any three scripture chapters that are related to your topic of study. At least one of these chapters should be from the Bible [2 points per chapter = 6 points]2.       Study a total of two different Church-related articles, talks, or book chapters as listed in step 2 of Option 1 above. [5 points for each source = 10 pts.]3.       Study two articles related to your question from any of the sources listed in step 3 of Option 1 above: [5 points per article studied = 10 pts.]4.       Integrate what you learned from the first three steps above into a meaningful daily practice for one full week [1 point per day = 7 points]5.       Report the results of your study and application by writing a 4-6-page paper. Your paper should be well-thought out and well-written. It should include elements of what you learned (no lengthy quotes) from all aspects of your research in steps 1-4 above. Points will be subtracted for sloppy writing. Include the following in your paper [up to 47 points]:a.       [0-8 pts.] What Christlike attribute was your focus? Which gospel topics did you research? How did you find meaningful material in steps 1-3?b.       [0-4 pts.] What did you do every day for a week to implement those teachings into your life?c.        [0-15 pts.] Give a detailed explanation of the most important truths you learned from your research phase.d.       [0-15 pts.] Give a detailed explanation of what you learned about the Lord and about yourself from seeking to implement this practice into your daily life.e.       [0-5 pts.] How will the things you learned from this process help you in your life moving forward? Welcome to one of the bestassignmenthelpcompanies  online .·         Do you want to order for a customized assignment help task?·          Click on the order now button ·         Set up your topic, Fix the number of pages, Fix your Order instructions ·         Set up your deadline, upload the necessary files required to complete the task, Complete the payment. We delivery high quality and non plagiarized tasks within the stipulated time given SL