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The Best Writers Being smart about the sustainable properties of materials is obviously important in making judgments and selections of materials to be incorporated into a design project. This assignment is intended to lay the groundwork for selecting interior finish materials for projects with a sustainable design emphasis. Research on the sustainable items listed below    Flooring  Light fixture   Furniture product. Prepare a report and presentation about each material and the furniture item you select. The key questions that should be answered for each selection are: 1. Identify the manufacturer and approximate cost 2. Explain what attracted you to the product-state why you might like to use it in a future project 3. Describe the properties that make the product “green” 4. Indicate if the product has been recognized by any of the major green product certification agencies         (GEN, Energy Star, Green Guard, etc.) and if so, how long has it been certified? 5. Explain its durability and maintenance characteristics 6. Identify “or equal” products-i.e. if for some reason this product is not available, identify at least 1 other product that has similar qualities and properties such that you would be comfortable substituting them for the original product you selectedWelcome to one of the bestassignmenthelpcompanies  online .·         Do you want to order for a customized assignment help task?·          Click on the order now button ·         Set up your topic, Fix the number of pages, Fix your Order instructions ·         Set up your deadline, upload the necessary files required to complete the task, Complete the payment. We delivery high quality and non plagiarized tasks within the stipulated time given SL