[04] Week 3 Threaded Discussion

You are required to submit at least two (2) responses to this question by 11:59pm EST on Sunday. The first response should be to the faculty; the second response can be directed either to the faculty or to other students in the class. Your responses should be substantive, and reflect analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as, a thorough understanding of your reading assignment. A typical response should consist of 100-150 words in a single-spaced format. Refer to the TDQ Rubric below for more guidance on how to respond.

Teacher vs. Student: Object compare and contrast Your text (Section 1.6, Object Technology) uses a car as an example of an object, and walks you through many object oriented terms as they apply to car. You have just been told you will be helping design an application to manage the personnel in a college, and that you will be helping with the object called Person. You will be developing other objects like Teacher, Student, Administrator, Staff and several others. Organize the terminology mentioned in the section above, and report to your classmates how you will create the objects Teacher and Student. Use as many of the Section 1.6 terms as you can to describe how your objects will function. Compare and contrast the objects Teacher and Student. Rubrics TEM Threaded Discussion Rubric

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